Wedding Shower Game Ideas

If you are looking for wedding shower game ideas that won't break the bank, keep on reading. Bridal showers are anything you want them to be nowadays.

I ended up having a simple ladies lunch and then going for some pre-bridal pampering (facial and manicure) with some gal pals. It was very simple but a lot of fun!

If you are hoping to get some of your lady friends together to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, there are a lot of activities you can do together. You will have a blast!

Here are some wedding shower game ideas to consider:

  1. Make something together, like a pottery or ceramics party - or make food together - and let everyone take home what they made. That can double as your wedding shower favors, too.
  2. Bridal Pottery Party

  3. Another fun activity idea is for each of the guests to bring their favorite recipe to the bride. Once they are collected, they can be consolidated to make a cookbook for the bride and her new household. You can even send the recipe request in the bridal shower invitation and include a fun poem:
    • Enclosed for you is a recipe card.
      To fill it in shouldn't be hard.
      (Bride's name) might like to try your favorite cake,
      or whatever it is you like to make.
      So don't forget this card on this special date
      Fill it in now, don't hesitate.
      At the shower, there will be a recipe box to fill.
      So bring this card along, if you will.

  4. Check out Abbee Bridal Showers for some more creative, and free, bridal shower ideas. They've got TONS of them!

Abbee Bridal Shower
Photo Courtesy of Abbee Bridal Showers

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